Why your LinkedIn Profile is key to your success on LinkedIn

By Published 31 October 2014

When did you last update your Linkedin Profile?

Well, having used LinkedIn for some time now and viewed quite a large number of profiles, I can probably guestimate that your profile will need revisiting in one form or another.

The best way to set yourself up for success is by getting prospects to read your profile. This is the first start in any LinkedIn networking relationship.  But the key to starting that successful relationship is getting the reader to want to know more about you. Read the rest of this entry »

Overwhelmed with Email Marketing? Here’s 3 Tips to get you started

By Published 28 October 2014

Do you find yourself overwhelmed when thinking about your email marketing campaigns?

What I would like to explain to you in this blog post is that email marketing doesn’t have to be difficult or painful. It’s a powerful tool that (when used correctly) can be automated for your benefit but if you don’t know how to use different email marketing strategies, you can’t expect good results.

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We all have mobile notifications, next up web notifications! What you need to know.

By Published 29 September 2014

Web Push Notifications

In this day and age, trends move fast. For most of us, they move faster than we can keep up.

So we make our lives easier and our phones do it for us. When someone has commented, posted or tweeted us (depending on individual settings) we know about it. Our phones decide to chirp and buzz like it’s Spring. Read the rest of this entry »

The Importance of Weaponising Mobile Technology

By Published 19 September 2014

The days of desktop dominance are over.

We are approaching a tipping point in mobile technology and with change, we as businesses must learn to adapt. We’ve touched on a similar subject on ways to keep your business relevant and although this is a relative topic, in this post we want to emphasise how moving forward with mobile technology and content marketing is crucial for your business to develop in line with the technology era.

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Pay Per Click, Authorship, What have we missed?

By Published 10 September 2014

In the last financial quarter Google delivered $3.4bn in profits bringing its total for the year $12.9bn.

Before you roll your eyes and start muttering to yourself, this is Ok, it’s perfectly acceptable for a business to make a profit, isn’t that why we are in business?

So what has this got to do with me, I only have a small business and an average sized website so why should I concern myself with Google’s profits?

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Ways to keep your business relevant

By Published 3 September 2014

If you care about your company’s future, it’s important to pay attention to emerging trends and get a head start on the next big marketing craze.

In the evolving world of content marketing, change is good.

So good in fact that according to research by the Content Marketing Institute this year, 93% of B2B (Business to Business) marketers and 90% of B2C (Business to Customer) marketers use content marketing.
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4 Steps to Reach your Target Audience

By Published 29 August 2014

It’s a question that every business should be asking itself, because without an audience, your content can’t have any impact. You need to sit down and really think about who your audience is; if you were them, how would you want to be approached?

Where would you spend most of your time online?

What would make you care enough to listen to what your company might have to say? Read the rest of this entry »

Google recommends SSL to support SEO

By Published 8 August 2014

There is a rumbling coming from inside the walls of Google and the usual pundits regarding the next area on which SEO folks will have to concentrate their efforts.

For those who are tech minded you will be familiar with the little padlock that appears in your browser when you go shopping online or do your internet banking. The padlock icon and sometimes the change in colour of the toolbar tells you that the page you are on is secure, or that the page is encrypted in order to keep your personal information safe.

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WordPress Security Best Practices to keep your website safe

By Published 31 July 2014

Owning a website can be a lot of fun and challenging too.  It can bring you great business but it can also be a big headache when things don’t quite go right.  Like being hacked for instance. When this happens you feel like your world is falling apart because your website (and in some cases your business) has disappeared in a flash.  How dare these young whippersnappers from the other side of the world attack your website!

First things first – keep calm and carry on.

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Email marketing – why you can’t afford NOT to do it.

By Published 27 July 2014

In a nutshell – email marketing presents more opportunities for your business…

…and can drive better returns on investment when you compare it to other forms of media, so why wouldn’t you actively pursue it? With strong messaging and a well thought out and targeted email marketing, your business can create deeper relationships with a wider audience more quickly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing or advertising.

Let’s look at the reasons why…

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